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What's Up?

Jan Not Jackson likes to think that they play old-school-HC with sprinkles of mid-tempo thrashcore that is at times on the experimental side. But who knows? Download the songs and make up your own fuckin mind.

The songs have a massive sound, and exceedingly fast riffs which are clear and precise. The singing is aggressive and unique. Breaking all traditional rules and boundries pushing Jan Not Jackson into the experimental.

The lyrics are mostly about personal experiences and problems which the singer seems to use as a therapeutic outlet. At times, the lyrics are socially and politically critical. At other times, topics that relate to the hardcore and punk scene are also in the mix.


The band got together for the first time in 1999 as a projekt. Gitarrist Jan Schulz and Sänger Jan Welke played together in the band "Cathode Ray Mission". That band was a bit like Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I., or Attitude Adjustment. The bassist Robert Sommer had also played with Jan Welke in the band Indoctrinated. Gitarrist Deacon Dunlop who had other bands like Malicious Vandalism, Spoutmouth, Karbunkle, Fathead, and Lunk then joined Jan Not Jackson.

In 2001 the drummer Jan Weymanns got pregnant and left the band to become a full-time daddy. This was followed by a series of band line-ups. Hennrick Noack. took over on drums and a at the end of 2001 Jan Not Jackson put out a 3 song demo.

The end of 2002 saw the return of Jan Schultz but this time as drummer. Not long after that Ohyun Kwon joined the band as 2nd gitarrist.

In January 2005 Jan Not Jackson finally got into the studio with G&S Productions. The CD is titled "Jan Not Jackson". Although other titles such as "Thriller" and "Hand Me That Crutch were in the box of suggestions. Of the 9 songs 5 are stinkin new. Zero-self made onto the CD and is probably the first arrangement the band played together.