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AUF concert 6th of Dezember 2003 <-prev back next->
We took advantage of the times when there were still emtpy rooms in "AUF" to throw parties. This particular event was graced by Chibomata an Italian band from Italy. They drove extra all the way to Berlin in a motor home and they even brought and cocked their own nuddles. Later that evening when all the party goers showed up, everyone hit the bar for buck-a-beer and buck-and-a-half for Rum-n-Coke ... psssaaaaa! Gitarre und Schrank kicked off the Party, then Jan Not Jackson, and then Cappacinomato. Thank god we were all drunk when the friggen Nerve-ana cover hit. As a topper for the evening there was a spontaneous jam session with Gitarre und Schrank plus Robert on bass and Jan on the drums. Good god! It didn't end there though cause after that a fight broke out and one guy hucked a bottle of vodka and smashed a window. How sad it was to see shards of window and vodka bottle all over the place. Next day was hung-over-clean-up time.